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Most abandoned books

Most abandoned books

Most abandoned books

What was the last book you abandoned? And we don't mean left on the bus or ditched on a park bench. What was the last book you got into 100 pages deep before you realised it just wasn't floating your imaginative boat?

Ours was Dante's Inferno (everything seems overwhelmingly bleak after the third circle), though it's still sitting on our shelf, mocking us for our lack of patience.

This infographic, researched and complied by Good Reads, details those books which are most commonly shelved, from classics to smutty pop hits. It also covers the excuses readers give as to why they've ditched them and the traits a book requires if a reader is going to stick with it. Surprisingly, "The film version comes out in two weeks" wasn't one of them...

by alison0000.
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