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Modern city fantasy maps

Modern city fantasy maps

Modern city fantasy maps

A best-selling fantasy novel requires three things: a cast of characters so complex it needs an apendix to remember who everyone is, enough pages that the reader must buy a small pack mule to transport it, and - most important of all - a map. Stentor Danielson can help you out with the latter.

An assistant geography professor at Pennsylvania's Slippery Rock University by trade, Danielson also runs a side line in creating maps of real cities inspired by those drawn by Christopher Tolkien - J.R.R. Tolkien's son - to accompany The Lord of the Rings.

The intricately detailed, hand-drawn maps portray modern cities such as Boston and Washington with more charm than accuracy, resulting in familiar landscapes gaining a hint of Tolkien's fantastical scope.

Should you be dismayed by Danielson's lack of UK cities, do not despair: for £37.99 you can commission him to draw you a 8.5 by 11 inch map of a location special to you. Head over to his Mapsburgh Etsy store for more details.

(Images: Stentor Danielson)

[Via: io9]