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Mexican politician roasted for his ridiculous campaign hashtag


Mexican politician roasted for his ridiculous campaign hashtag
26 May 2017

In these social-media-centric times, it’s “important” to have a catchy hashtag to go along with your campaign. Of course, it’s really not that important, and only two out of every ten thousand hashtags actually catch on – the rest either fade into obscurity, are completely ignored or are ridiculed because they say “anal bum” in the middle of them.

Politicians, what with their in-depth (read: non-existent) knowledge of social media, are big on these so-called hashtags – “Can’t win the election without a good hashtag, guys!” 

Fair enough, #grime4corbyn has been an unexpected success, but of course, that wasn’t created by Labour’s team – it was invented by someone who understands the internet.

So, to Mexico, where Javier Zapata, a gubernatorial candidate with the peripheral Social Encounter party (#grime4socialencounter) has been plastering his face on billboards around the country. Not only is the campaign poster notable for the sheer thickness of his moustache, it’s also making waves because of its accompanying hashtag. Here’s the poster:

Notice the hashtag, there? It’s #hashtagcampaña. That’s #campaignhashtag in English, in case you were wondering.

Clearly what’s happened here, is the dummy text put in place during the design has followed through (emphasis on “followed through”) to the final poster. But regardless of the obviousness of the mistake, his campaign are refusing to admit it – they’re sticking with it.

He even rejected #PorMisBigotes – #BecauseOfMyMoustace – in favour of keeping it.

And it’s probably a good idea, too – it’s going massively viral, so ole Zapata is on everyone’s lips at the moment. For good or bad.

Even Netflix got in on the action:

So yeah, the hashtag worked in this case, guys. It worked because it was wrong. The original, #lookatthistropicalcaterpilleronmytoplipandvote4me would most certainly have failed.