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Winter's about to destroy your skin, here's how you can stop it

A guide to essential men's grooming that'll fight the cold

Winter's about to destroy your skin, here's how you can stop it

Winter is a harsh, cruel mistress. As well as making us ill, covering us in darkness and bleeding our bank accounts and self-respect dry at Christmas parties, its drastic temperature drops and blusterous winds can damage our skin to the point of looking like a flaky, dry, bright red stop sign.

Winter is in the air. Not fully, but it's there enough for you to have that awkward conversation about switching the heating on with your flat mates. But being warm and cosy has its side effects, as high temperatures in the home cause low humidity, which leads to water evaporating from your skin, which can leave you dry and irritated.

Think you can solve it by stepping outside to cool off? Nope, the world isn't that simple of kind, as switching between drastically different temperatures causes your facial capillaries to rapidly contract and expand, which is the reason you see a lot of people with broken veins and cheeks like sun-blushed tomatoes in December.

But not all is lost. You still have time to build your winter care regime with these key men's grooming products, featuring essential moisturisers, beard oils, eye balms and more.

Beard oil

Facial hair already blocks moisture from the skin, which is why you might notice a sort of dandruff fall from your beard now and again when you scratch it. Combine that with the temperature changes and winter winds, which also blow moisture away from the skin, and you're in trouble. So make sure you keep your whiskers and your skin lubricated with a fine smelling beard oil.

Alchemy Oils, £21

Bath oil

Stop stealing your girlfriend's Radox now and get your own cool (yes, bath stuff can be cool, who knew?) bath oil. This particular one has rosemary, thyme and mint in it that helps relieve stress and tiredness, as well as improving breathing problems which can be brought on by central heating aggrivating dust in your house in the colder months.

Ambre Botanicals, £18

Anti-fatigue eye gel

Central heating can irritate the eyes and cause them to be puffy, and all those late nights drinking mulled booze will make you tired and dry. Make sure to keep an anti-fatigue eye gel in your desk or on you at all time (it's compact size) to keep you from rubbing your eyes raw.

Clinique, £24

Vitamin D

We're about to see a lot less sunlight, which gives us a natural source of the important vitamin D, which can boost weight loss, fight depression, promote bone growth and fight disease. So make sure you keep on top of your supplements by popping a few pills now and again.

240 tablets for £11.95

Hand cream

Your hands go through a lot in the cold weather. Just think back to last winter, how often were you blowing into your hands and shoving them into your pockets after you left your gloves on the bus in a pissed stupor? Exactly, don't let them go like sandpaper, go for a hand cream with glycerin, jojoba and vitamin E in to specially moisturise dry hands.

Bulldog, £5

Lip balm

Not common thought of as being one of the manliest of products, but would you rather kiss someone and have them think they were snogging an Egyptian mummy or a world class model? Exactly, it's 2016, get passed your MANxiety and don't let your lips get dry and chapped from brisk winds.

Kiehl's, £9

Face wash

Need an extra 10 minutes in bed on those cold mornings and regularly skip a shower? We won't judge you (well, we will secretly), but make sure you use a face wash that will cleanse, condition and exfoliate the skin and remove any dead cells.

Lab Series, £18.50


This is a no-brainer. All guys should be using moisturiser every day of the year, because no one wants to look like a human leather jacket by the time they're 30 due to excessive drinking and stress. Don't buy any old cheap stuff though, invest in a decent cream that does multiple jobs, like this FIT serum that's packed with vitamins A, E and four types of vitamin B. In combination they treat uneven skin tones, blemishes and help to minimise irritation. They also prevent excess oil production and protect from environmental pollution.

FIT, £50

Barrier repair

If you've got sensitive skin (or if it's already damaged) and need more than your everyday cream to protect it from the elements, opt for this barrier repair waterless moisturiser, which contains an exclusive ingredient that interrupts inflammatory triggers that lead to sensitisation, helping to minimise discomfort, burning and itching.

Dermalogica, £36.90