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Can you spot all 52 movie references in this two minute video clip?

No, you cannot, it is impossible

Can you spot all 52 movie references in this two minute video clip?
29 May 2018

Know lots about films, is it? Think you’re a movie buff? Seen all the Star Warses? Know who the director of Jurassic Park is? Have heard of Ryan Gosling? Well, get ready for a rude awakening because this little quiz is going to test your mettle to its very end.

Meerkat Movies are behind the video, which they’ve released to celebrate one whole year of their 2 for 1 movie deal offer, and it’s a mighty tough one. There are a total of 52 films (one for each week, natch) contained within the 2 minute run time. Reckon you can get them all?


We only managed to find 45, but what about you? How did you do? Not better than 45, probably, because that would be impossible, nobody can be better than us at anything.

Tomorrow, Meerkat Movies will be releasing an answer video, so check back with us for that, because it is extremely annoying not knowing the answers to things, isn’t it? A full-on day-ruiner, it is. For now though, click here and you can type in your guesses and see how many you can get right.


(Image: Meerkat Movies)