The McDonald's Twitter account just called Donald Trump a ‘disgusting excuse’ for a President

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Dave Fawbert

Well, we guess it’s no surprise if a clown is a bit of a joker.

The official McDonald’s Twitter account took a turn for the political when it posted the following tweet, calling President Donald Trump a ‘disgusting excuse’ of a President:

The tweet was up for 20 minutes before being taken down, presumably after they’d changed the Twitter password so that Ronald McDonald couldn’t access it any more. Or maybe it was the Hamburglar, he’s a sly bastard.

Predictably, the removal of the tweet did not happen before plenty of people spotted the unusual messaging from the fast food giant, with some excellent replies ensuing.

Conspiracy theorists were already at work, pointing to the fact that the chief communications officer and vice president of corporate relations at the company is Robert Gibbs, the man who served as Barack Obama’s Press Secretary during his first two years in office as well as occupying roles in his presidential campaigns.

But our money’s still on the Hamburglar.


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