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Marvellous Marvel portraits

Marvellous Marvel portraits

Marvellous Marvel portraits
16 April 2014

Portraits are usually reserved for heads of state, world leaders and CEOs with an overbearing ego. Yet if your childhood was anything like ours, you'll recognise the following faces far more readily than a line up of G8 bods.

These Marvel portraits by Mike Mitchell (who, despite his name, isn't a Marvel hero) are worthy of featuring on the walls of any megalomaniac hideout or hero hangout. His bold, colourful takes on classic versions of Marvel characters are set to go on display at Texas' Mondo gallery from 25 April.

"My love for Marvel Comics was an integral part of growing up", explains Mitchell. "Not just the comics, but the action figures, video games and cartoons. My intention with this show was to take those characters out of their action-oriented world and give them a moment of silence to catch their breath."

Prints will be available from Mondo for around £35 ($60) once the exhibition launches. For now, you'll have to make do with ogling these preview prints.

(Images: Mike Mitchell/Mondo Gallery)

(Via: Fire Wire)