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Meet the Model Athlete

Martin Foru

Meet the Model Athlete
21 September 2017

Most male models are understandably pretty protective of their face. Which makes Martin Foru something of an anomaly. Having boxed since the age of 13, the elite light heavyweight has been turning heads in the ring—and the fashion industry. After being spotted by a scout on Oxford Street, Foru’s split his time between the gym and the catwalk and the super-confident pugilist-cum-fashionista wants to dominate both worlds. As stylish in the ring as he is on shoots, Foru doesn’t do things by half measures.

What made you want to be a boxer in the first place?

I was always looking up to the big guys, the ones who were very muscular. They were well respected and as a young boy that’s something I really wanted. When you’re young you want that respect. You want people to look up to you.

They seem like disparate worlds but what connects boxing and modelling? Do you need to psyche yourself up for both?

With both things you’re the centre of attention and I love that feeling; I’ve always wanted to be looked up to. For their first catwalk, some people are really nervous. But me? I loved it. With the boxing, I was very nervous, but I just stepped in there, did it, and loved it.

Are your friends and family supportive of your efforts to hold down two careers at once? Some of them say, what if this—the boxing—doesn’t work out?

I just tell them that that no one knows what’s going to happen in the future and that I’m just doing, and enjoying, what I love. It’s the same for modelling. They’re all behind it.

Did it take time for modelling agencies to adapt to your other life?

They didn’t understand the boxing, they didn’t know how good I was. Obviously it’s a sport, I was competing as well and obviously it’s a bit risky getting hit in the face before a shoot.

Does what you wear affect who you feel you are?

I want to look the part. When I know that my clothing fits me, it feels good and it gives me confidence. You represent yourself in the clothing. I believe that with your clothing you show who you are. I like brands that are cool and affordable, which is why Levi’s are so great. Their jeans go with everything, and they never go out of fashion.

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