Mark Zuckerberg confirms that he is not actually a shapeshifting lizard

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Nick Pope

Contrary to overwhelming, scientifically-sound evidence from tin-foil crowned YouTubers, Mark Zuckerberg is apparently not a shapeshifting lizard person.


Zuckerberg was forced to respond to claims that he is a member of a New World Order-approved reptilian race during a live Q&A with Facebook users yesterday.

You'll need to skip past the opening fifty minutes of this video to reach the point where Jerry Seinfeld comes on (yeah, we have no idea why either) and a user asks him about the conspiracy.

Zuckerberg responds by saying: “Um… I’m gonna, I’m gonna have to go with ‘no’ on that. I am not a lizard,” Zuckerberg replied, before sarcastically adding: “But keep the high quality comments coming in please, this is surely on track to be a great Live Q&A if we continue getting stuff at that level of quality.”

We'd also suggest skipping ahead just to avoid Zuckerberg's glassy, dread-inducing stare. It's not good for the soul.