Man trolls racist Facebook group in the perfect way, and of course they got really mad

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Emily Reynolds

Ah, Facebook, home to family members you hate, people posting memes three months after they were relevant, and racists. Want lukewarm takes about why immigration is Actually Bad from a distant family member you see at most twice a year but can’t unfriend because of some weird social etiquette? Time to log onto Facebook, my friend. Time to log onto Facebook. 

Enter Twitter user @Tom_On_Line

Somehow – though he doesn’t actually explain how – our pal Tom managed to convince the admins of probably fairly hateful group ‘No Sharia Law Worldwide’ to make him an admin.

This was their first mistake.

Tom’s first move? Making sure that nobody else was getting into the group. 

Then he linked No Sharia Law Worldwide to some of his other groups, which happened to include groups for adult diaper wearers. 

Next on the list, obviously, was changing the name.

That didn’t quite work, though. 

Much better. 

But – incredibly – group members… were not that big fans of the changes. 

Sadly for Tom (and us), the fun couldn’t last forever and he was eventually ejected from the group. 

God bless you, Tom.