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Man Tries To Rob Shop Armed With Bullet

But no gun...

Man Tries To Rob Shop Armed With Bullet
Danielle de Wolfe
18 January 2012

Bullets are generally not nice things, what with all that killing, laming, blinding, we could go on, but we think you get the picture. However, they only become deadly when paired with a gun. Otherwise they’re just a small bit of metal.

So, Lord only knows what was going through Verlin Alsept’s mind when he attempted to rob a shop in Dayton, Ohio, last week, armed with only a bullet.

It’s true. Unperturbed by the .38 caliber bullet, the cashier refused to open the till and after Alsept left the store without any loot he was eventually apprehended by a security guard from a nearby shopping centre.

Apparently police records state that arresting officers detected a strong whiff of alcohol on 59-year-old Alsept. You don’t say.

Alsept has now been charged with robbery.

[via Dayton Daily News]

(Image: Rex Features)