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Man straps Cruise Missile To Car

Now has the power of 10 Veyrons

Man straps Cruise Missile To Car

Strapping a cruise missile to your car roof ins't normal behaviour. If it's just the engine then that's fine.

Once a reliable 1967 Chevrolet barely able to top 100mph, the Jet-Impala 67 can now reach speeds of up to 300mph, fires out 30ft flames and leaves massive clouds of smoke in it's wake.

The monstrous motor created by petrol head Paul Stender, has a 10,000bhp engine - the equivalent of 10 Bugatti Veyrons.

The 44-year-old created the jet-powered car with his wife Therese, 29 and their team at Indy Boys Inc who pride themselves on creating the fastest and most bizarre vehicles.

Their latest invention is based on an urban legend about a hillbilly farmer who crashed into the side of a mountain after he bolted a missile engine to the roof of his car. It follows hot on the heels of their jet-powered toilet and their jet-powered school bus which could reach speeds of over 750mph.

By the way, have you seen Tom Cruise sitting on top of the world's tallest tower? Tenuous link, admittedly.

Image: Caters/Rex