Man’s Brexit banner gets brilliantly hacked by his neighbour

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Chris Sayer

In? Out? In? Out? 

As we all stagger towards yet another ballot box, this time to decide our future in the EU, it’s fair to say that a massive portion of the Great British public is dancing a dodgy political hokey cokey. 

Two men who know exactly what they want, though, are these North London neighbours. 

When one resident of Gospel Oak made his opinion on the referendum pretty clear, placing a big red ‘Vote Leave’ banner against his railings, neighbour Frank Chalmers decided to make his opposing views heard too, in a really smart way.

Frank’s son, Malcolm Chalmers, tweeted his dad’s creative efforts earlier this week, and has since earned more than three thousand retweets, with Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac and MP Dianne Abbott also sharing the message.

Thankfully, a little political banter hasn’t got in the way of neighbourly love.

"He gave the neighbours a bottle of wine as a peace offering," Malcolm told The Evening Standard. "Everyone's entitled to their opinion and my dad's just the type of person who likes to make a point in a humorous manner."

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