Man is accidentally texted a birth announcement, responds excellently


Getting a message from a wrong number is usually an opportunity for some serious pranking humour, but it seems not everyone is as mean as we are.

Mark and Lindsey Lashley, of Bainbridge in Georgia, USA, recently had a baby boy, naming him Cason Knox, and one of their family sent a group text to let their friends know about the birth.

However, one of the numbers no longer belonged to the person they thought, winding its way to a stranger.

The new owner of the number, Dennis Williams, decided to respond to the exciting news anyway, before turning up at the hospital with his brother Derrius to welcome the new arrival, even bringing gifts and posing for a photo.

The exchange has since gone viral, with a thankful Facebook post from the friend explaining how much they appreciated the unexpected gesture. 

First Boaty McBoatface, now this - let's keep the uplifting news coming through, OK?


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