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Man holds up Physiotherapists

It was a bank 17 years ago

Man holds up Physiotherapists

Germany is usually known for it's incredible efficiency. Alas, a wannabe bankrobber who tried to hold a physiotherapy practice has let the side down.

The man hadn't realised that bank that was previously located there, closed 17 years ago. he has been jailed for seven years in what the Bild daily called the case of "Germany's dumbest bank robber".

The regional court in the western city of Osnabrueck said the defendant, identified only as 57-year-old Siegfried K, arrived at the bank branch, now equipped only with cash machines, with a toy gun in May.

He seized a female "hostage" and demanded a $13,220 ransom. "This plan failed however due to the fact that the building has not held a bank for more than a decade but rather a physiotherapy practice," the court said in a statement.

"After the defendant recognised the situation, he changed his plan and demanded a passer-by withdraw money from the cash machine."

"She withdrew 400 euros and the defendant made off with the cash in a car he had stolen."

He later abandoned the vehicle but left the plastic pistol, covered with his fingerprints, between the seats.


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