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Man dressed as Batman arrested for Burglary

"Holy parallel universes!"

Man dressed as Batman arrested for Burglary

The UK's version of the Dark Knight clearly has a dark side that runs deeper than the childhood trauma of watching your parents get offed.

Stan Worby, 39, who made headlines around the world when he took a crook to a police station while dressed as Batman, has now been arrested for burglary.

The man he handed in to Bradford police, last month, was his friend Daniel Frayne, 26. Frayne had asked Worby to take him to the copshop after Worby had been to a football match dressed as the Caped Crusader. But he and Frayne have now both been charged with burglary after police stopped a vehicle containing suspected stolen property.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “Two men, one aged 39 and one aged 26, are due before Bradford Magistrates’ Court on April 26 charged with burglary.”