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Loved 3 Body Problem? Here are 3 more Netflix shows you need to watch

Hungry for sci-fi with big ideas and epic themes? Netflix has three more shows for you

Loved 3 Body Problem? Here are 3 more Netflix shows you need to watch
Andrew Williams
03 April 2024

We’re currently patiently waiting to see if 3 Body Problem gets greenlit for the additional seasons it desperately needs.

Season one of 3 Body Problem covers the first novel in Liu Cixin’s Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy (as well as bits and bobs from the others) but we clearly need a couple more series to finish this one up.

We’ll level with you: 3 Body Problem’s viewing figures aren’t strong enough to make this a dead cert. Not when the first cost a reported $20 million an episode.

While we keep eyes peeled for news of 3 Body Problem’s renewal, let’s distract ourselves with some other Netflix shows likely to appeal. At least one of them is better than 3 Body Problem, too.

1. Dark

Loved 3 Body Problem? Here are 3 more Netflix shows to watch

This is one of our favourite sci-fi shows of all time. Two children go missing in an out-of-the-way German town. The search to find out the truth takes you to strange and unexpected stories of the families living there, and questions the nature of time and reality. To say more would be to invite spoilers. But we will say Dark is absolutely brilliant. Do not be put off by the fact Dark plays out in German. If anything it adds to the sense Dark is a one-off. It comes from the duo who wrote 1899, but thankfully this show got a proper ending after three seasons.

2. The OA

Loved 3 Body Problem? Here are 3 more Netflix shows to watch

Prairie Johnson is missing for seven years, but she returns. And when she does, she has regained her sight, having been a blind child. She can’t explain where she has been all that time either. The OA is an unusually imaginative mystery, one that doesn’t bend to the conventions of TV-making. Unfortunately, despite generating some heat at its release, it didn’t quite gain enough fuel to take it beyond its second season. Yep, it ends up a setup for a series that never came, but is still worth a watch. Creators Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij didn’t cut ties with streamer originals, though, as they ended up making A Murder at the End of the World for Hulu/FX.

3. Sense8

Loved 3 Body Problem? Here are 3 more Netflix shows to watch

Eight people from across the world find they are connected. They can sense each other’s feelings, experience their emotions. And they find themselves hunted down for being different, as a challenge to the normal order of things. Sense8 is the most recent major work from the Wachowskis, bar The Matrix Resurrections. It’s a cult favourite, but didn’t make it to its intended five seasons, and was cut off after two seasons. Sense8 was never cheap to make, and only got more expensive in its second season thanks to its diverse shooting locations. Sure, it ends on a cliffhanger of sorts, but the out-of-the-box thinking that goes into its story makes it an apt kind of conclusion regardless.