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Lost parakeet recites entire address to police

Who's a good boy then?

Lost parakeet recites entire address to police
01 May 2012

One of the major pitfalls of owning a bird is the worry that one day, they might just fly away.

Caged up and having to endure your desperate attempts to make it recite the entire lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody is likely to get annoying so, at the merest suggestion of escape, wings will come in handy.

This is what happened to a budgerigar in Yokohama, Japan. After a dramatic escape, it went to the big city and managed to find its way into a hotel. After deciding to rest on the shoulder of a guest, it was apprehended.

It was sent to the local police station and placed into cage. After losing hope in escape, it broke its self-enforced vow of silence and and suddenly began repeating its home address; something the owner had drummed into the bird, in case of an emergency.

The bird was then taken back to its 64-year-old owner and any future dreams of running away to the city were put on the back-burner.

(Image: Rex Features)