The 10 Cheapest Places To Live In London That Aren't On The Monopoly Board


You’ve more chance of finding the Holy Grail than a cheap flat in London. And even that will probably be found bottled in one of those eternally-stocked Foxtons fridges.

But at least we can now reveal the cheapest place to rent in London: Waltham Forest. So a big well done if you’re shacked up there. 

Served by the Central Line and found in the north-easterly direction of the capital, a new survey by London flat sharers by Weroom found that tenants in the borough pay an average of £435.89, a considerably lesser figure than the London average of £748.04.

Thomas Villeneurve, chief executive of Weroom, which has 300,000 users, said: " London prices have rocketed so far out of control that anyone on a standard wage below the age of 30 can no longer dream of buying in the city. This is why the number of renters is projected to increase by millions."

Waltham Forest wasn’t the only north London region to feature on the list either – far from it. Nearby Haringey (£518) finished in second place while most of the other top 10 entries also teetered slightly above the Thames.

So, living north of the river appears to be cheaper, but is it actually better? 50 per cent of residents polled in Ealing (which finished in sixth place on £619) certainly think so, claiming they felt the area had a low crime rate.

But then the biggest crime of all is the current state of London renting prices anyway.


1. Waltham Forest £435

2. Haringey £518

3. Lewisham £586

4. Sutton £600

5. Barking and Dagenham £605

6. Ealing £619

7. Newham £624

8. Barnet £635

9. Redbridge £635

10. Enfield £645


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