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London tube stations listed as their most popular hashtags

Of course Clapham is #Infernos

London tube stations listed as their most popular hashtags
24 January 2017

The octothorpe. A beautiful part of the world’s universal language once used to represent a weight in lb, and a symbol for the Latin phrase “libra pondo” - which literally translates to “pound by weight” - was respected. It could be found on a typewriter. But alas, now we are subjected to its daily abuse on Twitter and Instagram and the alike as the #hashtag

Still, one of the benefits of hashtags is knowing what’s popular, and thanks to the website there is now a map featuring the most-used ones at a host of London tube stations.

There are no #insta prefixed tags floating around but there is the slightly awkward top tag of #facebook at Warren Street. It also features the likes of #mi6 which, and we’re guessing here, probably defeats the purpose of a secret service. Oh, and how disappointing is it to see Baker Street plagued with #madametussauds?

Sherlock will be spinning in his grave.






Check out the full map by clicking here