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There's a shop in Wales selling Liquorice Allsort and Chocolate Orange sandwiches

Is this really a thing?

There's a shop in Wales selling Liquorice Allsort and Chocolate Orange sandwiches

Sandwiches are good, aren’t they? Ham and cheese, beef and horseradish, chicken and bacon, Chocolate Orange and lettuce. All the classics.

“Wait what? Shut up!” That’s what you’re saying now, in your head. “Chocolate Orange and lettuce isn’t a sandwich combination! You morons! You stupid idiots!”

WRONG! LOOK! IT EXISTS! It shouldn’t, but it fucking does, and it’s being sold in a real shop for real money.

Yeah, this is a Chocolate Orange and lettuce baguette

The worst thing about this? That it isn’t even the worst thing, because they’re also selling LIQUORICE ALLSORTS baguettes. Liquorice. Allsorts.

Yep, this really is a Liquorice Allsort sandwich

There is so much to break down here. How long has this shop been selling these sandwiches? Are they doing it for a joke, or are people actually buying them? It specifies the Chocolate Orange and lettuce one doesn’t have butter, does that mean the Liquorice Allsorts one does? Liquorice Allsorts and butter. The Liquorice Allsorts one has been reduced to just 99p, why hasn’t the Chocolate Orange one been reduced? Does that mean it’s popular? Or is it because the Allsorts are going off? Is there a shop in Cardiff selling stale Liquorice Allsorts in baguettes, or do Welsh people regularly fight over Chocolate Orange and lettuce sandwiches in their lunch breaks? Can Liquorice Allsorts even go off?

The sandwiches were spotted in a shop in Cardiff by @SirSandGoblin on Twitter, who said: “This is now a thing in Cardiff. Yet some people claim Wales is ready for independence.”

Normally when these fucked up foods pop up on the internet you kind of want to try them, don’t you? Just out of curiosity, to see what they’re like. With these, though, you really don’t. Wales, you need to sort yourself out. This shit is not OK.