Leica's incredible paper camera


As any man to grapple with a ‘Boots disposable’ in a downpour will attest, paper-clad cameras are often a major liability.

Meet the soon-to-be exception, then - the Paper Skin Fedrigoni Edition White X2, a new limited-edition camera from German lens-masters Leica, which ditches the company’s normally leather exterior for that of (yes, you’ve already surmised from its name) paper skin.

And as you’d expect from a ruggedly luxury brand, the paper hasn’t exactly been ordered from Dunder Mifflin or Wernham Hogg. Instead, that task went to Italian premium paper-makers Fedrigoni, who, with Constellation Jade, have forged a substance stronger than the very best leather which offers enough abrasion resistance and an ability to withstand temperatures between -40 and 158°F, to shield the 16.1MP Leica X2 and its 24mm f2.8 lens rather heroically.

No word on release date and price as of as yet - but given that only 25 of these beauties are being produced by a firm whose wares often reach eye-watering prices, Constellation Jade might not be the only sort of paper you need be concerned about...


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