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Lawyer turns himself in for stealing 79 cents

After 20 years

Lawyer turns himself in for stealing 79 cents

The problem with having a conscience is that you'll often find yourself reliving the slightest mistakes you've made and feeling irrationally awful in the process.

Take poor Simon Matters. When he was 19, he took 79 cents from a wishing fountain in Queensland, Australia. Pretty low, huh?

Well Matters returned home to Melbourne and moved on. Cut to 20 years later and he's now a barrister.

Riddled with guilt for his teenage indiscretion, he decided to return to Queensland and turn himself in for stealing and failing to appear in court. The Chief Magistrate accepted his guilty plea but ordered that he receive no punishment and there be no mention of it on his criminal record.

So now at least he can sleep at night. Well, as much as a barrister can sleep anyway. Yeah, we made a lawyer joke. Apologies.

[via Telegraph]

(Image: Rex Features)