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Latest iPhone 7 leak shows off an unfortunate feature

It's a bit... lumpy?

Latest iPhone 7 leak shows off an unfortunate feature
12 July 2016

No, we're not here to moan about Apple's inevitable removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack

The latest "leak" of Apple's next handset (which some market analyst know-alls don't even think will be called the iPhone 7, but that's another story) comes via Steve Hemmerstoffer at, who claims to have obtained the back shell of the new handset's case. 

Here it is...

Now, we have a few immediate questions: why has Hemmerstoffer only taken one photo of the most sought-after tech leak of the year? Why has he apparently decided to take the photo sitting on an outdoor bench? What kind of shady iPhone shell drop-off did Hemmerstoffer just undertake in order to collect his prize?

We'll never know the answers to these questions. But the photo does provide us with one new answer: no, the new iPhone will not sort out the weird lens bulge for its new camera. Lie this baby down on a flat surface and the top left corner will tilt toward you with a drunken lurch.

We miss flat phones. Phones that didn't have lumpy bits. Maybe the iPhone 8 will take us back to the smooth, sleek days of 2012?