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Korean Billy translating London slang will make your day

"This word looks a bit strange, right?"

Korean Billy translating London slang will make your day
12 January 2017

South Korean student Seong-Jae Kong, AKA Korean Billy, became a Facebook sensation due to his innocent yet hilarious translation videos.

The 25-year-old became interested in British dialects while studying a year abroad at the University of Central Lancashire.

Encountering the age old problem that no one actually speaks a language the way you learn it, Korean Billy started uploading translation videos to help others better understand what the hell we’re on about half the time.

He’s tackled many of our confusing accents and unique words, including the Yorkshire accent, Geordie accent and Scouser’s.

This time he’s taken on London roadman slang and if nothing else will make you smile today, this will.

He begins as well-spoken Korean Billy, then transforms to Billy Better Know, with obligatory Adidas track top, raised chin and general London aggression which is found even when giving a compliment.

He works through the concept of a cheeky nandos, when to use bare and what bait means.

The best bit is his sign off, where he bids farewell to his viewers with a cheery “Bye, mandem!”

Watch the video below: