Kid shoots his dad with a Nerf gun every day and gets hilarious reactions

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Chris Sayer

Can a man ever really prepare for fatherhood?

Sure, he can practise his nappy-changing skills before the little bundle of joy arrives. He can paint the nursery blue, and then pink when the doctors admit they got it “totally wrong, soz LOL!.” He can even buy his mini-me a full Chelsea strip to give his God-given gift an encouraging and responsible push in the right direction.   

But there’s so much that a man just cannot see coming. Things like, oh, we don’t know, getting shot in the face, chest and delicates with a Nerf gun every single day.

YouTuber and apparent devil child XxxJOKRSKOPRxxX (who has the most sinister avatar in the history of the Internet, by the way) has kept his Old Man on his toes for a very long time, by non-stop assaulting him with a barrage of foamy darts shot from an arsenal of Nerf guns. Luckily for us, he recorded the entire thing.

Fatherhood - what a magical thing. 




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