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Katy Perry's Twitter hack was embarrassing for everyone involved

A missed opportunity

Katy Perry's Twitter hack was embarrassing for everyone involved

Katy Perry has 89,041,179 Twitter followers - more than any other tweeter in the world. 

If all of her followers banded together to buy an island and establish their own nation, it would be the 15th most populous on the planet.

You can imagine their collective confusion then, when the following stream of Tweets was sent from Empress Perry.

'u a fag'

No, Perry wasn't having a plastic bag moment: her account had been hacked.

A subsequently deleted tweet pointed to the culprit, reading: haha follow @sw4ylol #hackersgonnahack


@sw4ylol, apparently hailing from Romania, isn't a very active account. Having said "Hello" to the world on 28 May, Sway then proceeded to ask who TF Katy Perry. It then posted a link to a Perry song on a rogue SoundCloud account, before posting this message after a copyright claim was issued. 

But why?

Having deleted the offending hack Tweets, Perry's account hasn't acknowledged the incident. 

We can't help but feel it was a bit of a missed opportunity by @sw4ylol - you've just gained access to the most followed individual on the web, and in this moment of hacking triumph all your creativity dries up.

A diss of a Twitter news source, a poke at Swifty and then some emojis and bad spelling. That's it. No tease of a new album to send fans into a frenzy of activity, no announcement of an engagement or pregnancy to spin the heads of media groups the world over - just some inane chatter and a SoundCloud stunt.

That said, if @sw4ylol is reading this, keep in mind that ShortList is a big fan of your work and we're impressed with your hacking achievements and please, please don't take over our account? Thanks. 

(Images: Twitter, Rex)