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Jordan Peele and the director of 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' are making a stop-motion film together

It'll be another Netflix exclusive

Jordan Peele and the director of 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' are making a stop-motion film together
15 March 2018

Henry Selick is a bit of a genius - he hasn’t directed that many films, but when you consider that two of them are The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline, you can understand what I’m saying here. Sure, he may have directed one of the all-time greatest box-office flops, Monkeybone (it made $7.6 million on a $75 million budget) but you can’t deny it’s a pretty spectacular work - the ‘mad’ side of his genius shining through, there.

It’s been almost ten years since he made a film, and the big screen is just begging for his particular brand of dark family adventure, so the news that a long-gestating project is finally off the ground, is music to my eyeballs. Add to that the fact that Jordan Peele and his comedy partner Keegan-Michael Key are involved too, and you’ll be lucky if I make it to the end of this article without them popping out my sockets and rolling into the bin.

The movie, called Wendell And Wild, follows two scheming demon brothers (the best kind), voiced by Key and Peele, and will be written by Selick, Peele and Clay McLeod Chapman. It’s been in development for a while now, with numerous attempts to bring it to the big screen halting and sputtering, so thank the heavy wallets at Netflix, who stumped up the cash to finally get it made.

This is the second stop-motion project for the streaming kings, who are producing Bubbles, a film about Michael Jackson’s chimp mate that will be co-directed by Thor: Ragnorok’s Taika Waititi and the animation director on Fantastic Mr. Fox, Mark Gustafson.

Of course, as both these films are stop-motion and take ages to film, expect to see them on Netflix in 2049, when we all live in space or something.

(Image: Buena Vista)