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John Prescott gloriously takes down Piers Morgan on 'Good Morning Britain'

We always love seeing Morgan get beat

John Prescott gloriously takes down Piers Morgan on 'Good Morning Britain'

It was never going to be a quiet chat was it?

Former Deputy Prime Minister and Labour Lord John Prescott went head-to-head with Piers Morgan, alongside co-host Susanna Reid, on Good Morning Britain, and they wasted no time in getting stuck into each other over a range of issues.

Prescott was in a particularly combative mood, perhaps buoyed by Labour’s surprisingly positive showing in June’s general election, and he was speaking from their annual conference, taking place this year in Brighton.

The two tossed aside niceties early on, with Morgan prefacing a question with “with great respect”, before Prescott urged him to rescind it, saying “Oh, don’t start the great respect, just disagree with me for god’s sake!”

Prescott then answered Morgan’s question on where Labour stand on Brexit by reiterating that he believed that they should lay down their positions - on employment rights and environmental aspects as laid out in their manifesto - but “we must wait for the outcome. How do you have a vote before you know what the outcome is?”

Prescott then claimed that “people in pubs” aren’t talking about Brexit, insisting, “No, it’s not the big issue. Nobody knows where it’s going”.

Morgan then told Prescott: “What is unclear about Labour is that the Labour position has ben changing substantively and people are unclear about what kind of Brexit Labour now thinks we should have as a country. That’s a legitimate debate surely?”

Prescott answered: “It’s in the manifesto, we fought an election on it! We made it clear what the conditions of Brexit should be and what we thought was important but we don’t know what the outcome is and neither do the Tories. So while we wait we’ll have a debate, have a discussion, but it’s not the big important issue at the moment. I hear all about transition – do you know how long you’re going to be in transition? Do you know how long you’re going to be in that job? You don’t bloody well know!”

Morgan then joked that Prescott’s expletive could lead to him losing his job, saying: “I know exactly how long I’m going to be in his job. It might be slightly less than I thought if you keep swearing at 7.21!”

However, the coup de gras of the interview came when Morgan attempted to insinuate that Prescott was coining it in by sitting in the House of Lords:

Lord Prescott angrily fired back an explanation of where his money went, before saying, “Do you do that? Do you spend all your bloody expenses? No you don’t. You’re coining it in and asking me about £300!”

Morgan then rounded off the interview saying: “It’s always good to talk to you this early in the morning, it gets everybody’s juices flowing. Thank you very much indeed for joining us.”

To which Prescott replied: “You were great Susanna.”

BOOM. 1-0 Prescott.

(Image: Rex)