John Oliver's brilliant response to the Paris Attacks said what most of us are thinking

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Joe Ellison

There are no words. Not really.

In the wake of Friday’s Paris attacks no amount of eulogising could truly comfort the people of France and more importantly the inconsolable families who suffered most from the worst attack to hit western Europe since 2004’s Madrid bombings.

Nonetheless, on the recently aired US news satire Last Week Tonight, John Oliver somehow managed to convey what the rest of the world was thinking. Chiefly, “F*ck these arseholes.”

Instead of adding “another necessary moment of silence”, the British host used his opening monologue to offer a moment of “premium cable profanity”, calling the terrorists “gigantic fucking arseholes - unconscionable flaming assholes—possibly working with other fucking assholes, definitely working in service of an ideology of pure assholery.”

Going on to reinforce what the French are good at and why this cowardly swipe at western culture could never extinguish Parisian spirt, you can watch the rest of Oliver’s comically charged rant below.

Vive La Oliver.


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