Jeremy Hunt celebrated International Nurses Day. Twitter reacted excellently


You can imagine the scene at the Conservative Press HQ.

"It's international nurses day tomorrow guys."

"Oh dear. They really hate us at the moment don't they? What with the salary cuts, bursary cuts, unpaid extra hours, the highly-dubious, utterly evidence-free move to implement a 'seven day NHS' just because it was a good soundbite in the manifesto, the general belief that they're deliberately underfunding and mismanaging the NHS to make it seem like privatisation is the only option so that our mates can pile in and get rich, don't they?"

"Yeah. They do a bit."

"Still, we can't not acknowledge it's happening can we? That'll look even worse."

"Hmmm. Yeah, we'd better put something out."

"OK. Here goes."

*Presses send on tweet. Runs away*

Naturally, Twitter did its thing. Gloriously.