Jeff Bridges Releases A Series Of Sleeping Tapes

Struggling to notch a solid forty winks? Try allowing the rich and wispy tones of Jeff Bridges help you drift off.
When web space firm Squarespace asked the Big Lebowski star to star in its forthcoming Superbowl ad, the company asked Bridges if there were any niche part of the internet he’d like to corner himself. Then he duly went about recording a series of ‘sleeping tapes'. now to download the songs.

Upping Bridges’ cool factor further (if that were even possible), all money raised will go to the charity No Kid Hungry, a campaign aimed at ending child hunger in America which Bridges has been a spokesperson for since 2010.
For a taste of what soothing sounds the great man has in store, the 30 second teaser below showcases his pipe-playing and poetic meanderings, leaving us with no doubt that this album will put us to sleep faster than Walter Sobchak can draw a gun.
Failing that, try a few generously poured White Russians.


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