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Jaws is real and living in Australia

We're never going back in the water

Jaws is real and living in Australia

If you thought Jaws was a good film (and a bad book) but were slightly put off by the implausibly giant shark then you’re in for a bit of a shock.

A beach in Australia (where else?) was evacuated after a 7-metre shark (22ft - the one in Steven Spielberg’s film was 25ft) was spotted off the coast of Adelaide on Sunday. 

A warning about the monster was posted on the Facebook page Shark Alerts South Australia yesterday - but instead of calmly reading Facebook, we imagine what people will have done is run around screaming hysterically because they live near a massive shark. 

One message read: "Helicopter aerial patrols are currently herding a large White Shark out to sea off Marino Rocks."

The incredible size of the shark had some commenters claiming it couldn't possibly be that big, but pictures were posted to the group which showed a shark bigger than a 6-metre boat that was trailing it.

Clearly, they’re going to need a bigger boat.

(Images: Rex, Shark Alerts South Australia)