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This crazy new Japanese game show might be the best one yet

They've done it again

This crazy new Japanese game show might be the best one yet

Forget the bobsleigh, skiing, ice skating and snowboarding: your new favourite new slippery sport is here.

Yet again, the lords of the game show, Japan, have hit pure gold again with their latest effort, which is entitled ‘Slippery Stairs’.

It’s a fiendishly deceptive title given that the game is nothing like what you’d expec… oh hang on, no, no it is just a load of people trying to climb some slippery stairs.

Six contestants line up to attempt to scale some stairs which are not only heavily lubricated, but also slightly angled.

Obviously, hilarity ensues, and the genius of it lies in the fact that those angles are only very slight, meaning that you have the agonising sight of every contestant, just when they think they’re getting somewhere, slowly, slowly, unbearably, losing grip and beginning an inevitable descent which, try as they might, they cannot escape. And every descent has the added bonus of taking out a few of their competitors, like they’re a human bowling ball.

It’s a bit like life really: you think you’re winning, then you suddenly realise that you’re on an unstoppable slippery slope to oblivion, but you’re buggered if anyone else is going to succeed if you’re not, so if you’re going down, you’re sure as hell going to take a few of them down with you.

Hmmm, actually, forget hilarious, this is actually a perfect metaphor for the futile and unattainable pursuit of success.