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Chill out with Jamie Dornan's train delay playlist

The star of The 9th Life of Louis Drax has got your back with some killer suggestions

Chill out with Jamie Dornan's train delay playlist
24 August 2016

Kinky business owner, Irish serial killer and now a neurologist in new movie The 9th Life of Louis Drax, Jamie Dornan has many faces. But now there's one more talent to add to the list: being a curator of some cracking entertainment for when you're bored out of your mind on the train. 

The 9th Life of Louis Drax is at cinemas nationwide from 2 September

Photo credit: Adam Whitehead

TV show: The Sopranos

“I think there’s a generation of people who missed out on The Sopranos the first time around. I came to The Sopranos late and watched all six series in a four-month period about three years ago. It’s the best television that will probably ever be made. The performances are flawless, particularly Gandolfini and Edie Falco. It’s so hard to believe that he’s not a crime boss. Every nuance of both
of their performances could be analysed and studied and taught. It’s just total embodiment of a character, which is all you can ask for. It’s just phenomenal in its scale, its scope and its delivery.”

Photo credit: THE SOPRANOS ©  SKY PUBLICITY - 2000-2005 Home Box Office Inc.

Album: Van Morrison's Astral Weeks

“I simply cannot tire of it. Even yesterday, Madame George came on in the background and I was still moved by it. He’s a very important export of our country. I’d say I have an eclectic taste, but my comfort zone is anything from mid-Sixties to mid-Seventies folk and rock.”

Film: Badlands

“Without Badlands there would be no True Romance. I’m a massive Malick fan, particularly when he sticks to a more linear narrative. I like Badlands because it’s more straightforward; a bit more classic in terms of movie-making. And for me, for my money, Martin Sheen gives my favourite on-screen performance of all time.”

Photo credit: Rex

Podcast: This American Life

“I got introduced years ago and I’m always amazed by it still. There’s something about the storytellers they get and the people involved in it.”

Book: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

“It is essentially a novel, but people draw a lot of parallels in terms of what it actually represents. It made me feel way more intelligent than I actually am. It just took me, from the moment I started reading it. An incredible piece of writing.” 

App: Pause

“This collects all the great articles from Uncut, Mojo... and has them all in an app, instead of having to buy the magazines. I have a feeling it might be free. It feels like every time I buy an app I have absolutely no idea how much I’m spending.”