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The director for the next Bond film has been officially announced

It's not Michael Bay? Weird

The director for the next Bond film has been officially announced
20 September 2018

25 whole Bonds, that’s a lot ain’t it? So many, in fact, that this latest one has had a right hard time of it - they’ve been umming and ahhing about who to pick for the director for what seems like ages. At one point it looked like they had it sorted when Danny Boyle jumped on board, but then he pakced it all in and it was all up in the air once more.

Rumours were rife as to the reason for his departure - the official reason was “creative differences” (as it always is) but the the rumour with the most weight behind it appeared to be that Boyle and Craig clashed over casting Tomasz Kot as the main villain. Either way, he’s out - we know that for sure.

But now, they’ve got one! They’ve got a director everybody! And it’s a good one! Look:

There you go, it’s Cary Fukunaga, who did the good season of True Detective and wrote a lot of the screenplay for IT. Good hands, we’re in, it seems, with Cary - reassuring news for Bond fans the world over. Might this mean a subdued Bond, one that focuses on drama over bombast? Fukunaga is known for his character work - and Lord knows Bond is a complex character - and has yet to fully prove his action credentials, so we might be looking at our most in-depth study of the man to date. We want at least one car chase though, Cary, yeah?

Originally, the film had been gifted a treatment by seasoned 007 writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, but that was before Boyle and his writing partner John Hodge (who has now also left the film) came onboard. As such, we’ve no real idea of the status of the script as it currently stands.

Obviously, because of this shake up, the movie has been delayed somewhat, with a release date now looking to be Feb 14 (the happiest/most depressing day of the year), 2020, so we’ve got a long while before we see Danny Craig back in the tux. 

But that’s no excuse not to get excited and do something drastic like name your firstborn Bond Bond. Middle name James, obviously.

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