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It's cheaper to live on a cruise than rent in London

Of course it is

It's cheaper to live on a cruise than rent in London

Well, seeing as all the super rich are storing their money in tax havens, why don't we all go on a cruise and visit a few?

New research from - which we're absolutely certain will be unbiased - reveals that it's actually cheaper to live full-time in opulent sea-based luxury on a cruise than it is to like the capital.

They calculate the average living costs in London to be around £2,871.19 per month, equating to £97.71 a day, while you can get a cabin on a round-the-world journey, lasting 120 days with Cruise and Martime's Voyages for a fee that works out at just £88.53 a day.

Breaking it down, the London figure includes rent, bills, food, council tax and leisure activities, while cruise guests enjoy main meals, afternoon tea, hot drinks, port taxes (not so much 'enjoy' that one, we guess) and entertainment, although nearly three grand a month does seem like a rather grandiose existence. In addition, we're not exactly how you'd earn a living while you were on the cruise - maybe learn the accordion and bash out a few tunes for the guests?

Still, life at sea for less than the cost of a stressful, polluted life in London? Sign us up.

Water way to spend your days.

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