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Is this the most pumped-up linesman ever?

Eddie Smart is ALWAYS ready

Is this the most pumped-up linesman ever?

Anthony Joshua was so cool in his victory over Charles Martin on Saturday night that he went to do more pad work after the fight - as he'd only gone two rounds.

But a day later, Eddie Smart was the polar opposite as he waited to take to the field for Tottenham Hotspur versus Manchester United in a crucial Premier League match, summoning up every last drop of adrenaline to carry him through the crucial 90 minutes ahead.

Perhaps you're not surprised, until you realise that Eddie was merely a linesman for the game.

This clip was spotted by Irish Twitter user @OnePaul and shows Smart getting seriously psyched up for his duties that afternoon.

The best bit of the clip is Michael Carrick desperately trying to pretend he can't see the ridiculous warm-up exercises going on in front of him.

On the evidence of this official, the ref must have been out the back punching walls and just screaming.