VIDEO: Stupidly expensive incident of road rage confirms that rich people are insane


OK, road rage is always absolutely unnecessary but this is utterly excessive. Taking place at the Shearton Hotel reception in Qatar, the video shows a man smashing his white Mercedes Benz into a static Rolls Royce after driving around the hotel car park in arguable the worst display of drifting we've ever seen.

The man was arrested (understandably) and escorted from the premises because that's what happens to maniacs that want to burn rubber in public places. Strangely two other people were also arrested for videoing the incident and distributing the footage on social media, due to laws in Quatar that deem it illegal to spread 'news, photographs or comments related to a person's private life, or that of his family.' Which is actually sort of a good law if it wasn't being applied to filming bouts of insanity like the above.

Lessons learnt, rich people are bonkers.


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