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The 'edge of the world' has accidentally been captured with an iPhone

Flat Earthers, you have your proof...

The 'edge of the world' has accidentally been captured with an iPhone

You know when you take a picture and upon looking back at it, there’s a surprising addition that you didn't expect? Like it looks like you’re floating, or your mate’s leg really looks like a dick, or there’s a giant lion in your kitchen, or you’re not in the photo because you’re literally a vampire?

Well, it happened to some “peeps” over in Florida. They were off out on a nice sail when they took a picture – so far, so standard – but when they got home, hoooooo boy, were they in for a surprise! They were harmlessly browsing through their photos when, BOING! They noticed this:

That's *quite* the photo, I think you’ll agree. Looks like something out of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie (I have only seen one of these) or The Ten Commandments or something. I like it a lot.

But how did it happen? What sorcery was put in place to create such an arresting image?

Well, a camera malfunction was the first hypothesis, but it turns out that it probably wasn’t that. You see, if you put something on Reddit, there will 100% be someone that will have the specific knowledge to debunk your claim or solve your mystery – that is where the cleverest people on the planet live. Their brains are constantly hooked up to the information superhighway, scouring the threads for users needing help in extremely niche arenas and jumping to their assistance without a moment’s notice. Not all heroes wear capes. They wear Metallica t-shirts.

But really, if we’re being honest here, it’s not that complicated – I think we can all see what’s gone on. Whoever was taking the photo put it on panoramic mode and then turned the camera 90 degrees mid-pan. So, still a mistake, but a not-as-confusing one as before. 

Regardless, great photo – the actual truth of which really resonates with the militant flat-earther in me. YOU’RE BEING FED LIES YOU SPHERE-LOVING ROBOTS.

(Image: Reddit)

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