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Internet myth solved: There is a real Nintendo-Playstation and it actually works

No more arguing about which is better

Internet myth solved: There is a real Nintendo-Playstation and it actually works
08 May 2017

So, you might not know this, but before the first PlayStation came out, Sony was collaborating with Nintendo on a console which would run games off both cartridges and CDs – it was to be called the Super NES CD-ROM System, or SNES-CD, ooooorr Super Disc. Two of those names are better than the other one.

But whatever it was to be called, none of that mattered because it was cancelled, thus sparking one of the biggest console-wars of our generation: the N64 vs the PlayStation. If you’re old enough, you’ll remember that the PlayStation obviously won. I don’t care what you say to me – Sony’s console was better and actually, even if you are saying something to me right now, I can’t hear because I have my fingers in my ears and my eyes closed.

Anyway – eyes open again – this was all a bit of an online myth, because nobody had really ever seen one, let alone played one. That was until a bloke called Terry Diebold accidentally bought one in a box of junk he’d purchased at an auction. It wasn’t exactly firing on all cylinders, and it, erm, didn’t have any games, as none were ever made, but that didn’t stop old Tez.

He let some tech geeks – including Ben Heck, an engineer famous for modifiying consoles – get their grubby hands on it in an attempt to get it up and running. And guess the hell what, bozos? They only went and managed it. Check it out below:

Sorry, I neglected to mention that that video would be extremely boring and nonsensical to a casual gaming fan – I certainly can’t get that excited about a console that only runs one game, and even then it’s chock-full of glitches. You can’t play it properly, basically, and so it’s probably not for me.

But hey, sometimes big nerds get all excited about something and their neck-beards grow at twice the speed due to the rush of tech-related adrenaline, so if you’re one of them, this is probably a big deal for ya.

There’s no judging here, though – I got extremely excited when I found a September 1988 issue of Martial Arts Movies magazine with Steven Seagal on the cover, so I immediately paid £12 for it. Nothing wrong with getting excited about things that genuinely nobody else cares about.

Either way, let’s hope that Ben can have another go once some internet people make some more games for it – when it’s all working properly, I reckon I’ll be more interested. As will you.

Anyway, I’m off – I’ve heard rumours there’s a 1991 copy of Inside Karate with Van Damme on the front in the area. I’m suiting up and rolling out – ain’t no motherfucker gonna stop me from getting that.