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16 Instagram accounts that will give you vertigo

A selection of some of the most incredible 'rooftopping' Instragram accounts

16 Instagram accounts that will give you vertigo
13 September 2016

We like a bit of danger here at ShortList. Just last week one of the team drank from a mug of tea that still had the spoon in. Mental, right?

Okay fine, we're a bunch of wimps who prefer our thrills to come on occasional trips to theme parks or by sitting down too quickly. 

Besides, when Instagram is able to give us the following stomach-lurching rushes from the likes of base jumpers, building climbers and nutty thrill seekers, why would we bother endangering our own lives?

From rooftopping to sky diving, these are the best 'extreme' Instagram accounts out there.

(Image: iStock)

ASVP Shooter

Oh would you look at the time - we need to have a good lie down on the cold hard earth and wait until our head stops spinning. 

ASVP Shooter's account is a feast of urban cool, including the odd product placement. 

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Oliver Shou

This San Francisco dare doer is currently exploring the rooftops of Shanghai, providing a feed that will please thrill seekers and architect appreciators alike.

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A photo posted by Oliver Shou (@o.shou) on


We have two questions: foremost, how to pronounce 'svvk', and secondly, how svvk came to find himself in this position. You'd think he'd take his camera off first, but no...

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Chasing Rooftops

An aggregator and curator of rooftop shots, this Toronto-based account is a great place to find new climbers and accentuate your own fear of heights.

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Kirill Vselensky

Another rooftoper who's courted his fair share of trouble; Vselensky illegally climbed the Great Pyramid of Giza in 2013, sparking outrage amongst tourism officials. 

When he's not scaling ancient landmarks, he's usually hanging off skyscrapers, capturing incredible sunsets. The tyke.

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Ivan Beerkus

Beerkus gained a heap of new followers after he and fellow Russian climbers Ivan Semenov and Alihan managed to climb the Eiffel Tower in the early hours of a June morning. 

He's the only man we're happy to see using a selfie stick. 

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Good grief man, that's a wet ledge. One good gust of wind and you'll be on a slippy trajectory toward a much closer encounter with Times Square.

Vitaliy Raskalov also mixes up his dare doing with lovely shots of rugged landscapes. A must.

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Ivan Semenov

Those suffering from vertigo should steer well clear of Semenov's account. The vast bulk of his images force you to appreciate the absurd heights of his shots. We'd call them 'suicidal selfies', but we don't want to tempt fate.

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Vadim Makhorov

In addition to some lovely filter work, many of Makhorov's images will cause you to unintentionally clench your bottom. The man just doesn't seem to respect the nature of gravity. A good friend of Vitaliy Raskalov, they often climb ridiculous buildings together, the scamps.

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Mike 'Rooftop' Escamilla

Mike Escamilla tends to spend most of his life either jumping out of planes, mucking about on a BMX or living the life of a grown up eight-year-old. An eight-year-old with an amazing camera.

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Christian Pondella

Pondella is an incredibly talented adventure sports photographer - down largely to his habit of following his subjects up insane mountains before promptly jumping off them/sliding down them. The nutter.

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Mustang Wanted

Ukrainian roofer Mustang Wanted doesn't really play by the rules. Those rules being "please don't climb our building, you're not allowed up here". This results in him getting some of the most incredible skyline shots while coming within inches of finding the quick way down, often employing the "Viselnik" image (which translates to "hanged man", and employed in this shot). Don't encourage him - but by all means marvel at his pictures.

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Brody Leven

Self confessed "forest tourist", Leven's Instagram account is chock full of stunning natural shots - usually taken at the foot of a big hill, promptly followed by the view from the top of it. He'll make you want to get on a plane to the nearest mountain range - though we'd recommend against standing quite as close to the edge as he does.

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Angela Nikolau

The Instagram bio of model and photographer Angela Nikolau reads "No limit, no control". Not a sentiment we'd subscribe to when mucking about on the edge of a skyscraper.

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Tanya Stolyarovich

A fledgling account from a Russian #roofer with a passion for exploring New York from the top down.

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Khan Dadaev

Another of the Eiffel clamberers, Dadaev mixes up his shots with some subterranean urban exploring, resulting in an Instagram feed that goes from nosebleed shots to moody, gloomy tunnels in the scroll of a finger.

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