If you’re with wine and without a corkscrew, here’s how to open a bottle with just a key

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Ben Scott

At some point in your life, whether it’s beer, wine or a bottle of spirits, you’ve got no tool to open it with. We’ve all been there.

There’s something called the ‘Shoe Trick’ which after a bit of haphazard Googling involves stuffing the wine bottle into a shoe (no kidding) and then repeatedly smashing it into a wall. Apparently this pops out the cork and does not shatter the bottle, as you’d expect.

For the far less brave, YouTube user DaveHax has turned his attention to opening a bottle of wine with little more than a key, something we all usually have on us.

It certainly looks easy enough, but leave it to us to mess it up somehow, with wine all over our shoes, cork in our eyes and a key lost to the inside of an empty wine bottle forever.

Follow the video and give it a go if you’re ever without the tools that you’d normally rely on.

Alternatively, I’ve had a tiny, purpose-built bottle opener attached to my keys since university, and I’ve used it more than I’d like to admit (sorry, Mum). Buy a pocket corkscrew or a Swiss Army knife and stick it on your keys. Then you’ll never have to go without wine again.


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