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'Hunted' is looking for new contestants to win its £100k prize - here's how to apply

Think you've got what it takes?

'Hunted' is looking for new contestants to win its £100k prize - here's how to apply
16 February 2018

Think you’ve got what it takes to completely go off the grid? To totally cut off contact with your friends and family, all the while evading detection by some of the country’s top investigators? Well it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

Channel 4’s Hunted asks you to do just that, and is currently recruiting for contestants - or ‘fugitives’ - to take part in its fourth series, which will air later this year.

Potential fugitives can either apply lone wolf, or with a friend and family member, either way, the premise is the same - if you can avoid detection for 28 days (although it was 25 in the most recent season), then successfully make it to a designated checkpoint without getting caught, you win 100,000 English pounds. You’ll probably need it, since you’re going to be returning to countless missed calls from your boss asking where the hell you’ve been for the past month.

Hunted is one of the more innovative game shows on TV right now, and regularly gets more than 2.5 million viewers per episode. The constant near-misses between the fugitives and the hunters, plus the insight into what it would really be like for someone on the run from the law, make it the sort of show you quickly become over invested in.

Contestants will get a call at any time telling them they are on the run, and from then its up to them to gather their things and take flight.

They can go anywhere within the UK, by any means they wish, but you have to consider, as much as sending one single text, or a trip to the cash machine, will likely get you caught.

The crack team of hunters uses the same surveillance methods as the real police would when tracking a fugitive, including open source intelligence, cyber expertise and interrogation of family members and friends. They have access to CCTV, can tap into phone lines, the whole shebang. To win, you basically have to wipe yourself off the face of the earth for 28 days, and even one tiny mistake will be enough to take you out.

They are led by Peter ‘Bleks’ Bleksley - a former undercover detective with Scotland Yard - and also boast ex-military intelligence officials and former CIA agents among their ranks.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, you can head here to apply. You will have to upload a three-minute video introducing yourself (and any potential fugitive partners, if you don’t want to act alone) and explaining why you want the chance to go on the run.

Applications close on Monday, 12 March, so if you’re going for it, good luck. We look forward to watching get tackled to the ground by a burly former police officer two hours into your escape because you couldn’t resist one last pint down the local.

(Images: Channel 4)