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Hug an alligator

Warm up that cold blood

Hug an alligator
03 November 2011

Ever read a story about an alligator eviscerating someone and thought, 'man, that little guy just needs a hug'?

Well, over in Naples, Florida, this theory is being tested as a five-year-old gator named Baby Bobby is being offered up for hugs, in an attempt to condition a brutal predator to embrace affection/make lots of money.

It's a scheme that's caught the attention of those dam fun-killers PETA who selfishly believe that alligators don't enjoy hugging and the whole thing exists just to turn a profit. Good luck proving that one.

"First day in Tin City and we got a few hugs in already today," the "Gatorman" said. "They're smarter than people realize and they love their hugs contrary to what people believe. When you hug this guy he melts right into you because he likes that body heat."

He also loves ripping apart human flesh. Just saying.

(Images: YouTube)