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How to use kettlebells to help you swim faster

How to use kettlebells to help you swim faster

How to use kettlebells to help you swim faster
There’s an overlooked aspect to being efficient in the water: being strong. “You want to generate output, so strength training will do that,” says kettlebell expert Jamie Lloyd. Here are three ways to up your speed.

Kettlebell snatches

“Lift kettlebell vertically. At head height, lift upward using your palms. Execute each lift while flexing knees and hips. Do 10-15 reps each side.”

Turkish get up 

“Lying on the floor, move the weight into a locked-out position straight up with your right hand. Your right leg will be cocked, your right foot alongside your left knee. Pushing off your right foot, roll onto your left hip and up onto your left elbow. Push up onto your left hand. Roll onto left hip and push up onto left hand. Bring yourself off the ground, and thread your left leg back to a kneeling position. Hold weight upright. Lunge forward to a standing position.”

Hang cleans

“Push your butt back and look ahead. Use two kettlebells the same size, one in each hand. Move kettlebell to your shoulder so it is resting on your forearm and bicep. 
Clean the kettlebell to your shoulders by extending through legs and hips as you raise it towards shoulder. Lower it to a hanging position between your legs. Keep 
your head up at all times. Do 5-10 reps resting for 30 secs and do 4-5 rounds.”
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