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How To Sleep In The Digital Age

How To Sleep In The Digital Age

How To Sleep In The Digital Age
06 March 2015

There's an app for virtually anything you desire these days. And, try as we might, we still haven't managed to complete the internet yet.

But there's one distinct downside to this abundance of digital options: we're not getting enough sleep.

With phones, tablets and laptops infiltrating our every waking hour, it's never been harder to get away from our devices, so much so that they're making their way into the bedroom and interrupting what us humans have spent thousands of years getting good at: a good old forty winks.

This infographic, created by bed sheets retailer Boll & Branch, takes an in-depth look at sleep in the digital age, including startling statistics on sleep deprivation, as well as offering a few suggestions on how to get back in tune with our natural patterns - click on the image to view a larger version.

Banish those beeps and get some sleep.

(Image: Boll & Branch/Shutterstock)

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Sleeping In The Digital Age