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How to propose

Advice on ensuring a yes

How to propose
07 February 2011

It's an extremely delicate situation. It can either result in a life filled with love and happiness or crushing, "will this darkness ever go away" style failure. That's why you need to read this, print it, laminate it and keep it in your wallet.

It's our guide to popping the question in the right way, with expert advice from the guys at, the wedding site for guys.

Create a Budget

It’s no secret that proposing is usually accompanied by a small-- often expensive—token of your affection. We’re going to go on a limb and assume that you haven’t come into a lofty inheritance recently and suggest you sit down and work out just how much you can (and are willing) to spend. Do your research and set a realistic maximum. Note: buying just under the carat weight will save you big bucks.

Know Her Style

You’re right; it is the thought that counts. Remember, this is a piece of jewelry that she will be wearing all day-- every day--for the rest of your life together. so it’s important to purchase a ring that fits her style, personality and lifestyle. Pay attention to the jewelry she wears everyday; is she a gold fan or does she gravitate towards platinum or silver? Is she more classic and conservative or does she prefer a more artsy or modern look? Ring shopping is a great time to enlist the support of a trusted friend or sibling; just be sure they are someone you can trust. You don’t want them spilling your big secret!

Make It Personal

While you've probably just started to think about the possible ways to ask for her hand in marriage there is a good chance your future bride-to-be has played this scene out in her head at least a few dozen times. This means you want to do something a little out-of-the-ordinary. What it doesn’t mean is that you need to spend a fortune or kill yourself trying to re-create some over-the-top movie proposal your sister swooned over. The key is to make it personal and memorable. Think of locations, movies, traditions and memories that are unique and special to the both of you and incorporate them into your proposal.

Write It Out

Very few proposal speeches go without a hitch but many men find it helpful to write out what they would like to say and read it aloud several times. We’re not suggesting you memorise anything but saying the words often helps to oil the wheels a bit so that they flow a little better on the big day.

Don’t Make This Mistake

Proposals are personal gestures between a man and the woman he loves. This is why many women find public displays overwhelming and impersonal. Save the crowds (family members, restaurant patrons and fans) for another time and keep the question popping one-on-one.

It’s About You, Too

Sure, she gets most of the attention but it’s important to remember that you’re a big part of this process, too. The more you relax and enjoy it, the more she will feel you are on-board and excited to spend the rest of your life with her. Win-Win.

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