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How to make the orange mocha frappuccino from Zoolander

How to make the orange mocha frappuccino from Zoolander

How to make the orange mocha frappuccino from Zoolander
17 October 2012

Being really really beautiful isn't easy. We should know.

But it's made a whole load easier by a regular injection of orange mocha frappuccino! That's what Derek Zoolander and his model buddies use for a regular pick-me-up and despite that whole petrol accident thing, we still think it's the best way to turn that pout into a campaign-fronting smile.

To ensure we got the recipe just right, we spoke to Dave Watts, head chef at the Cotswold House Hotel, who gave us his take on the caffeine treat.

Makes 1 Large drink

Preparation time: 3-6 minutes


Small heavy based pan



Orange syrup

200ml Fresh orange juice (not from concentrate)

100gms Caster sugar

To finish

1 x Double espresso

25g Dark brown sugar

200ml milk

6 x ice cubes

20g of Dark chocolate or 1 x shot of Mocha syrup

35ml orange syrup (made from the above ingredients).


Place the orange juice and caster sugar into the pan, bring to the boil and reduce by half (150ml). This is the orange syrup that you need to finish the drink; you can make more if you like and keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks in a jar.

To finish the drink, place all of the ingredients into your blender jug and blend on full power for 30 seconds or so, pour into a large glass and enjoy.

No petrol or naked flames required just a love of chocolate, orange and coffee.

(If making more than one drink you can increase the amounts).

Dave Watts is head chef at the Cotswold House Hotel. Rooms start from just £120 per person, with main courses at The Cotswold Grill ranging from £9.50 to £23.00. The Dining Room (fine dining restaurant) reopened in May. For further information, hotel and restaurant reservations, visit or call 01386 840330.

(Images: YouTube, All Star)