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Can’t find the words? This website will let you create your own horrific emoji

Finally, an emoji now exists for that very specific emotion you are currently feeling

Can’t find the words? This website will let you create your own horrific emoji
14 November 2018

Emojis are great - instead of typing out actual words (such a time-consuming activity), you can simply press a button and a nice big face will pop up and it’ll do all the talking for you. Want to say “Err, that’s gross, it’s making me feel sick”? Simply do the pukey face! Want to let your friends know that you intend to blow all of them, every single one of them, a kiss? Just bang out a kissy face! It’s all so easy.

Thing is, as good as emojis are, there isn’t one for everything. And that is a BIG problem.

For example if you want to let everyone know that you’re young, carefree and can’t afford to ever buy a house, there’s not actually an emoji for that, unfortunately. So you’re gonna have to get those fingers a’tapping.

Or maybe not, thanks to Emoji Builder, a new website that enables you to create your own emojis. Now, whatever the situation, you can create an emoji to reflect it. Of course, it all ends up being far more time-consuming than simply typing out your feelings, but it’s fun! Emojis are fun! Have some fun!

How does Emoji Builder work?

Essentially, the website allows you to mix together a load of different elements from existing emojis to make your own, new, original ones to describe the exact feeling you’re having at this exact moment. The one about your headphones. The tangled ones. In your pocket. Finally you can have an emoji for that. Just take the best bits of your favourites, mush them together with the power of the website’s generator and voila! An emoji for every occasion.

Here’s some we made earlier, for your pleasure

Not convinced on the power of this miracle website? We’ll prove it you. We’ve created our own extremely specific emojis, and you can find them below. You can use them if you like.

Nodding along like you understand but don’t have a clue what’s going on

tfw another celebrity hero is revealed to be a #MeToo douchebag

Having perfunctory sex

(Can also be used as the “going to the toilet” emoji)

I’m young, carefree and can’t afford to ever buy a house

I’m quite offended by this secret Santa present but I’ll be professional about it

Pret for lunch. Again


I’m wearing a hat but I have no face

I am being sick but I’m making that PAPER

I am a purple devil with a heart for one eye, a star for the other and a zipped up mouth, I am in constant agony, I was a failed experiment but the scientist has fled and I live in endless pain, the villagers are closing in, I hope for death at their hands

See what we mean? It’s great stuff! Really relevant to exactly what you’re feeling right at this very moment.

The website, which was made by UX designer Philipp Antoni (who’s done a bunch of stuff for Microsoft Office for Mac and iPad), can be accessed here - enjoy wasting your entire day! Although let’s all be honest with ourselves here - it’s not like you were going to do anything of worth with it anyway. Make some emojis, it’s the least you can do. The very least.

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